Steve is a fine art and fashion photographer who brings energy and movement to his work, his photographs have a sense of freedom and joy, juxtaposed with strong iconic portraits capturing that ‘moment of beauty’ he is always looking for.

Growing up in the North of England, his earliest memories were asking his parents for a camera. After borrowing a friend’s point and shoot, the desire to document what he saw and felt began…

Whilst studying and working in Cambridge, he was given a modest Nikon, suddenly the spark was re-ignited and Steve was able to draw on his early influences of art films, photo books and an exhibition by French photographer Robert Doisneau. Inspired by the energy and movement in black and white imagery Steve has spent his life trying to capture that ‘moment of beauty’ when photographing his subjects.

In 1999 he moved to Rio de Janeiro and began shooting fashion for Brasilian apparel brands and became a regular contributor for Elle Brasil and Marie Claire Brasil. His career took him to New York where he continued to develop his style, bringing together elements of past and present.

A selection of his worldwide client list includes, Elle Brasil, Marie Claire Brasil, O Globo, London Financial Times, New York Times, New York Magazine, David Lloyd, Hilton Hotels, Random House.

Steve divides his time between Rio, New York and Cambridge.
+44 7949781335 

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